AYF Board

The starting lineup for your AYF Board!

Ames Youth Football's board is comprised of volunteers investing in the youth of Ames.

Jay Grey

Patrick Larmore
Director of Tackle Football

Tyler Rutherford
Director of Flag Football

Alex Brunstein
Board Member

Bryan Loonsfoot
Director of Camps

Lauren Loonsfoot
Social Media

Jennifer Schill
Registration and Social Media

Jessica Hibbing
Board Member

Cole Nelson
Board Member

Tim Brown
Board Member

Andrew Hernandez
Board Member

Tim Hibbing
Board Member

Jeff Seehusen
Board Member

Jamie Seehusen
Board Member

Luke Johnson
Board Member

Amy Johnson
Board Member

Interested in Volunteering?

We have lots of opportunities to volunteer both on the board and other options. If you have some skills or desire to help out please reach out to the President for more info.